Caro and I, along with many others here at OBS loved the Mortal Instruments series. It happens to be this months Book Club head over to the forum to participate in the discussion. So what would be more fitting than to share some awesome Mortal Instruments fan art. Enjoy!

City of Awesome by =Noranu-chan

I do have to say that there were somethings that looked odd in this piece like Isabelle’s neck and Simon’s face, but the author re-did it. Her style from one drawing to the other change a lot, and I personally like some things from one and some from the other. I liked that she payed attention to what the book says, like Clary’s green shoes and Magnus’ eyes. Try to check both of the drawings and tell us what you think 🙂 (Caro)

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What do you think of this weeks Fan Art Madness?
Did the artists represent the characters well?