Its a new month which means, Caro and I have all new fan art for you. This week we are focusing on Alice in Wonderland. Which we also are featuring in book club this month. There is a lot of great work this week, so enjoy!

The Mad Hatter by Beloved-Creature on DeviantART.

One of my favorite characters from the book is the Mad Hatter and I love this piece of him, it reminds me of a dark version of Martin Short from the 1999 Alice in Wonderland movie. I like the colors used, the wheels in the back add something extra to it and his fascination for clocks. (Caro)

Wonderland by Taylor

I love the simplicity of this piece! And The White Rabbit looks great!! They also did a good job with the shading. Just plain pencil drawings are always my favorite. (Katie)

You Can Trust Me by sadwonderland on DeviantART.

This drawing gives off a really creepy vibe to me. And I love it! Haha! And for some reason I’m really drawn to Alice’s eyes. Over all I love this picture a lot. Its a different style than what we normally see. (Katie)

Alice – Kakashi in Wonderland by hellobaby on DeviantART.

I’ve never thought about it but, Kakashi would make a good Mad Hatter now that I think about it. I like everything about this piece; the red Queen with her pumpkin head, the way Alice is drawn and the small details. A good drawing of the author’s version of Alice in Wonderland. (Caro

I really like the last one, Alice – Kakashi in Wonderland, this might sound weird but it reminds me of a quilt. What did you think of this weeks art? Do you have a favorite? Or a preferred style you like?