Chapter 18: The Buried War -Erin

Luce starts running towards the lights in the cemetery. She realizes that the shadows had been warning her that something was coming. She decides that she needs to find Daniel, and tell him that she believes him and knows what he is. Luce realizes that Miss Sophia and Penn are following her, and she tells them to go back, but neither of them do. They see a cloud forming over the cemetery, and at first Luce thinks it’s the shadows, but Penn realizes they look like locusts.

Luce finally finds Daniel standing on top of the mausoleum, watching the storm of bugs. She starts to climb to him, but slips and he appears behind her and catches her. He holds her and she tells him she knows he’s an angel, and asks why he loves her. Luce also thinks the storm is her fault, like the fires before. Daniel tells her this is the first lifetime that she has seen the shadows, and that they’re called Announcers, that they are essentially gossips reporting details to someone else. And the “locusts” are the shadows the Announcers have summoned to battle. “What kind of battle?; ‘The big one”. Miss Sophia and Penn finally catch up to Luce, and Miss Sophia hands The Watchers book to Daniel. Luce realizes that Daniel wrote it and put the picture inside. She realizes that it wasn’t her fault that Trevor and Todd died. She asks Daniel why he didn’t tell her everything sooner, and he explains that he couldn’t, that she has to find out on her own, and the truth always kills her.She tells Daniel she loves him for the first time, and Cam comes around the corner, clapping slowly and sarcastically. Daniel tells him not to start, but Cam snaps his fingers and they ignite. Luce hears the wings again, as the locust cloud begins to head back to them.

Memorable Quotes

“And while the truth still scared her, being in his arms made her fell like the seas finding the shore, like a traveler returning after a long, hard, distant trip-finally returning home.” (389)

“It is not a little truth.’ Miss Sophia said, stepping forward to position herself between them. ‘And you will not survive it. As you have not survived it in the thousands of years since the Fall”. (396)


Why do you think Daniel and Luce could kiss this time? What is it that’s different?

Why can Miss Sophia speak in tongues? What do you think she is, really?

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