Chapter 4 “Graveyard Shift” by Chris

Ms. Tross

Sword & Cross Reform School

Memorable Quotes:

1.”Yes I did, you just didn’t hear me from your weird perch back there.” – “I want her.” – Arriane page 88

2.”Just trust me when I tell you that falling for Daniel would be a very, very bad idea.” – Molly page 95

3.”Are you going to stay away from me?” – Daniel page 97


Tuesday Morning…

Luce officially survived her day at Sword & Cross. She wakes up in the early morning, remembering how Tuesdays at home were meant for pancakes…but not in this prison. She suddenly realizes why she subconsciously woke up so early; she has detention in the cemetery at dawn. (Molly picked a fight with her after she dumped her tray of food on her). She arrives late because she didn’t even know where the group was meeting, she hears voices down in the center, and makes her down. She is once again embarrassed by ‘The Albatross’, but not as badly as she is when Daniel caught her staring at him, wondering about how looks while sleeping, oops.

Questions for consideration:

1. What do you think is up with Cam, why is he so interested? And why is Arriane so interested, so interested that it seems a bit of obsessive?

2. Why would Molly warn Luce, is it because Molly likes Luce or because she might know something? What do you think at this point Molly’s part is in the story?

3. I find it romantic, when Daniel slips up in this story like in this chapter when he sees her cracking her knuckles -“I hate it when you do that.” – implying he does know her, and he does pay attention. Do you find this sweet and romantic?

4. Does the angel falling on top of them signify anything? At least maybe just for you, the reader?

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