Fall shows are starting up this week! Here’s handy list so you don’t miss any of your favorites (plus a DVD release date schedule)!

Returning Shows

Vampire Diaries (CW) Season 2 begins September 9th. Season 1 DVD is out now.

The Big Bang Theory (CBS) Season 4 begins September 23rd. Season 3 DVD will be released September 14, 2010

Fringe (FOX) Season 3 beings September 23rd. Season 2 DVD will be released September 14, 2010

Supernatural (CW) Season 6 begins September 24th. Season 5 is be available on DVD now.

Smallville (CW) Season 10 begins September 24th. Season 9 is be available on DVD now.

Stargate Universe (SyFy) Season 2 begins September 28th. Season 1 DVDs (part 1.1 and 1.2) are available now.

Sanctuary (SyFy) Season 3 begins September 28th. Season 2 is available on DVD now.

V (ABC) Season 2 is probably a mid-season (December or January start), like season 1. The Season 1 DVD will be released November 2, 2010.

Chuck (NBC) Season 4 begins September 20th. Season 3 is out on DVD now.

Medium (CBS) Season 7 begins September 24th. Season 6 will be release on DVD October 5th.

New Shows

The Walking Dead (AMC) Premieres October 31st

The Cape (NBC) will start mid-season, November or December

Beast Legends (SyFy) Premieres September 9th

Currently Running

True Blood and Eureka finish up this weekend, and Warehouse 13 ends September 21st.

Being Human Season 2 will be out on DVD September 21st
Merlin Season 1 is available on DVD in the US now, SyFy is running episodes 5-8 of Season 2 on September 15th