Eyes to See
Jeremiah Hunt, Book #1
By Joseph Nassise
ISBN# 9780765327185
Author’s Website:  http://josephnassise.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Sammy

*Beware of Spoilers*


In an urban fantasy that charts daring new territory in the field, Jeremiah Hunt has been broken by a malevolent force that has taken his young daughter and everything else of value in his life: his marriage, his career, his reputation. Desperate to reclaim what he has lost, Hunt finally turns to the supernatural for justice.

Abandoning all hope for a normal life, he enters the world of ghosts and even more dangerous entities from beyond the grave. Sacrificing his normal sight so that he can see the souls of the dead and the powers that stalk his worst nightmares, Hunt embarks upon a strange new career—a pariah among the living; a scourge among the dead; doomed to walk between the light of day and the deepest darkness beyond night.

His love for his departed daughter sustains him when all is most hopeless, but Hunt is cursed by something more evil than he can possibly imagine. As he descends into the maelstrom of his terrifying quest, he discovers that even his deepest fears are but a prelude to yet darker deeds by a powerful entity from beyond the grave…that will not let him go until it has used him for its own nefarious purposes.


What caught my eye on the synopsis (pun intended) was how Hunt gave up his normal eyesight. The author does a wonderful job of describing his vision loss and how it differed from normal sight. Hunt reminded me of a mix of Harry Dresden, John Taylor, and with spells like Rachel Morgan‘s. Perfectly executed together.

I was shocked that such an educated man (Hunt) would forget about his daughter for three hours, seriously bad parenting skills. There are so many great lines in this book one of them that was chilling and put into words how it feels when you have to call the police because your child is missing. At least for me.

“Parent’s experience a unique kind of fear. It is at once more visceral and more paralyzing than any other fear, a cold clammy hand squeezes your heart……” 

On a lighter side the way he writes about the stereotypes about how blind people are treated were true and humorous, how he used it to his advantage. ( I have a blind son so it tickled my funny bone).

Hunts relationships with Dmitri and Denise were interesting and the author paced them out well, they seemed real and not forced. Getting to know more about them and their powers was fun. Denise being a Hedge Witch was a fabulous addition to the story line, how she was able to help, her knowing and recognizing that she was strong and skilled, with her self confidence made her really likeable. Dmitri stayed enigmatic for a while, him being a berserker and having all the contacts for disappearing, added to the circle. The author brought all the ends together and didn’t leave a the reader hanging YAY!, yet, open for more books in this series. Which I’m very thankful for. This series will be an auto buy for me.

This story was an absolute treat! I loved, loved, loved this story. The pacing, characters and story were perfect. When I was finished with this story I immediately started the second book in this series. I highly recommend this book for a mature young adult because of the creepy/violent factors and to any adult that enjoys Jim Butcher- Dresden Files , Simon R. Green- Nightside and Kim Harrison-Rachel Morgan series, keeping in mind this story has those flavors and more!