3 Star rating
By Tim Black
ISBN# 9781611876093

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With Hurricane Claudia barreling down to make landfall in Stuart, Florida, Tom Kane and his family hunker down inside their well-shuttered house. But this is no minor hurricane, this is a Category 5 storm, a storm that many meteorologists believe will exceed the devastation of Hurricane Andrew that struck when Tom Kane was a boy. Bracing for the worst, Tom goes outside as the eye of the storm passes over and the winds cease. An examination of the neighborhood shows little destruction but Tom and his neighbors hear the roar of the ocean, which had been six miles away. Suddenly, the ocean is only a few hundred yards from the neighborhood as the neighbors discover that the city of Stuart is gone and their neighborhood appears to be all that is left. The second half of the storm never occurs, and as night falls, young Tad Kane points out that the night sky is different, and that the familiar constellations are no longer where they should be. Only then do they begin to realize that their neighborhood has been sent somewhere in time. But is it the past or is it the future?

The neighbors are forced to work together to survive and the neighborhood splits into two factions. The first group believes that God has intervened to save them, while the second group believes there is a scientific reason for their circumstances. But the real answer is much more complicated.

Eye is the story of ordinary people trying to adapt to extraordinary circumstances. (Goodreads)


The concept for this story is brilliant! The writing is wonderful. I loved the first part of the book, I think  adding a Warning might be needed for anyone who is sensitive to hurricanes. This author writes so well that you can feel the fear and the descriptions of what Tom went through in the last big one is written so eloquently that a person having gone through it might find themselves having a flashback.

I completely enjoyed Tom and his family, his relationship with his wife is interestingly loveable.  That they had such a wonderful relationship when their religious ideals were so different was a refreshing look at how that can work in a relationship.

For a while I thought maybe this was a Christian Fiction story,  but then it moved into the Christian characters being so strange and unkind, I knew it wasn’t. I loved, loved, loved the first part of this story and the main characters.

The author did a great job of including an agnostic in a good light. Meaning the character was loving, kind and had a lot of common sense. Unfortunately many times that is not the case. Tim also, had extremes of Christians from almost perfect to the preacher that had a very perverted outlook on what was going on.   It was an interesting contrast.

Tiva hmmm what can I say about her, not a very likable character, she went from being a mouse to an amazon in a very short time. Truly a disgusting woman. Not because of what she did to survive or that she left her husband. It was the way she left and that she left her children. She really had no depth, it was all about her. She was a well written character/villain.

So with all these really wonderful things going on in the book, you might be wondering why 3 stars.  Well, I really enjoyed the writing and the premise. What I had a problem with were the many unanswered questions.  I’m hoping there will be another book in this very interesting world, to explain some of the cliffhangers.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in this genre. Again, a brilliant premise.