Expecting to Die

To Die, Book #7

By Lisa Jackson

ISBN# 9781496705006

Author’s Website:  http://www.lisajackson.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

A lot has happened in Grizzly Falls and it’s been quite some time since I was able to immerse myself in this world.  In fact, I thought the series had ended since it had been so long since the last installment, so I was ecstatic to see this book come out!

Regan Pescoli has married the sexy cowboy, Santana (yes!), and they’ve moved into the cabin they had built.  Jeremy has finally settled down into what promises to be an upstanding adult following in his parents’ footsteps as he wants to be a cop!  Regan is heavily pregnant with Santana’s baby and he is trying to get her to go on maternity leave, but when she gets a new case she just can’t make herself leave it open.  She wants to finish it before taking her leave.

Bianca went up to Reservoir Point with her friends for a game where the boys try to capture the girls in the forest.  But, Bianca isn’t just chased by the boys, but also by a big hairy thing that she can only describe as Big Foot!  As she runs for her life she ends up falling and landing in a creek and discovers a dead body floating beside her!  And, not only that, but it ends up being a girl from her school, Destiny.  And, the police quickly discover that Destiny was pregnant, which could be a hell of a motive, if they can discover who the father of her baby is!  However, Pescoli and Alvarez have their work cut out for them when their witnesses and persons of interest are all a bunch of teenagers, teenagers all with their own agendas and wanting to cover their own butts.  They must wade through the lies to figure out the truth.  All of which becomes even more difficult when a reality TV producer comes to town to shoot a show on Big Foot and wants Bianca to be his star!  All of the suspects end up having some role in the show making the investigation that much more difficult.    And, then another girl ends up dead …. And another.  They must find out who is responsible before another victim loses their life! Maybe even Bianca …

I’m really glad that Jackson has picked this series back up.  This was another enjoyable addition to the series.  Although I wish, we had gotten to see more of Santana, I absolutely adore him!  But this book focuses more on Bianca and the murder investigation and less on Regan’s relationship.  Therefore we only see Santana in short glimpses.

We do, however, see a lot of teen angst in this one, friends covering up for each other, jealousy and the like.  There are several suspects, too many really, that does make it hard to keep up with especially considering several brothers are suspects and it does become hard to keep everyone straight. I honestly never thought one of the kids were responsible though.  However, the ending of this book truly surprised me, especially when it came to Regan’s ex, Lucky!  There is so much I’d like to say, but don’t want to give away the storyline!

I’m happy to see that there are more books in store for this series still as the note at the end of the book tells us about the next installment of the series, so hopefully we won’t have to wait as long for that one to come out!