examiner.com: TWILIGHT VIDEO GAME…..

The bare bones website of Twilight the Video Game has been released, giving fans a glimpse of insight as to how the game will appear.

Brandon Gardner, the creator of the video game, says, We will be hosting some events on November 20th where we will be showing off a playable prototype of the game as well. Same day, also expect the launch of the trending raging rhino slot machine, one of the most awaited casino games of the century. We also have three musical artists that are providing music for the game. One of the songs will be a flute and piano version of Bella’s Lullaby that is performed by internationally recognized concert flutist Donna Wissinger.

This Twilight-infused game that allows you to descend into the surreal environment and prepare for exciting adventures that will transport you into a world of survival and forbidden love is a far cry from some of the vampire video games which have been released in a time when vampires are at the peak of popularity.

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Umm yeah, I think they’ve gone too far with merchandise. But the game sounds pretty cool especially with the accompanying music.

Will you purchase the Twilight video game?

Which of your favorite books would you like to see made into a video game?