examiner.com’s Donyel Griffin writes: Is BBC America’s “Being Human” A Good Bite or a Bad Bite?

Those who enjoy the mystery, darkness, and chaos of the vampire realm have a new series to follow – Being Human, which appears in the United States on BBC America (on BBC Three in the UK).

Not only is there a vampire (Mitchell) in the series but a werewolf (Georgie) and a ghost (Annie) that all live together. There are servings of vampire bites and werewolf transformations, but the main plot of the series is for the three to try to fit into human society and being human.

The show has some dramatic turns but it also mixes in humor here and there. The first six episodes  also focus on the interpersonal relationships between the three roommates and those they meet along the way. As mentioned above, supernatural shows are nothing new (think: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Friday the 13th, The Twilight  Zone and more). The contributing factor to the success of shows like Being Human doesn’t seem to be all that complex.

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A vampire and a ghost living together sounds a lot like the Morganville Vampire series, minus the werewolf.

I think it’s interesting that they’ve mixed comedy with pretty serious subject matter.

What do you think? Is Being Human a good or bad bite? Why?