Supernatural or paranormal events have long been a newsworthy topic, attracting the attention of believers and skeptics alike.  It seems that when anything seemingly unexplainable happens, especially when mysterious circumstances like ghosts are involved, it isn’t long before neighbors start talking, newspaper articles begin popping up, and soon enough the story has become something of a legend.

Below are 3 of the most well known events:

The Bell Witch -One of the most famous hauntings in America occured in what is now Adams. Tennessee, on the land that was owned by John Bell in the early 1800s.

The Lemp Mansion -One of St Louis’s finest homes is the Lemp mansion.  The home was built in the 1860’s by brewing tycoon Johann “Adam” Lemp, who became world-famous for his lager beers.  Lemp and his sons amassed a fortune operating their brewery that covered five city-blocks, and were well-known in St. Louis for their wealth and power.  With so much success in the brwery, William Lemp, Sr., son of Adam, built a 33-room mansion that became the family home for all the Lemps.  problems began for the family in 1901 when William’s favorite son died quite suddenly from health issues, and only continued for the lemps with scandalous divorces, dwindling success in the brewery , Prohibition beginning in 1920, and finally multiple suicides.  By 1933 three of the four Lemp children had committed suicide and it was then that strange noises and other unusually events began to be felt in the mansion.

The Fox Sisters -Sisters Leah, Kate and Margaret became undoubtedly three of the most famous mediums in America when they began receiving messages from the dead in 1848.  Their house, located 30 miles east of Rochester, New Yok also became one of the most renown haunted houses in America as well.

More on each event here

I love stories like these. Is it real or total BS? I enjoy trying to figure that out.

Most of these have a book or multiple books written about them and the Bell Witch event was made into a movie.

Do you like these sorts of movies? based on true events? Do you find them believable?