You don’t have to be at Comic-Con to participate in this poll, but it might help since you can catch each of the nominees in the flesh in San Diego. Tell us: Has the reign of Twilight‘s Edward Cullen finally come to end? Is the choice for hottest “new” vampire (sorry, Angel fans!) now between Bill and Eric on HBO’s True Blood? Are you counting the days until the brothers begin duking it on The CW’s The Vampire Diaries (premieres Sept. 10!)? Or is it BBC America’s Being Human (premieres July 25!) being marked on your calendar? That show is about a vampire sharing a home with a werewolf and a female ghost. We’re already wondering if a vamp would be able to have sex with a ghost — do ghosts have sex? — so don’t count him out… Vote now

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I don’t think any of these guys have it on Edward Cullen, but Eric Northman is pretty darn hot…

So, who is your fave vamp guy?