Entertainment Weekly has some goodies from their Fall Movie Preview ’09 Issue coming out soon:

This is the third freezing night in a row that the cast has worked until dawn, but that doesn’t stop the set from feeling warm and jovial. Pattinson mugs for the movie camera between takes and teases his costar for just lying on the floor in the midst of all the vamp-on-vamp violence. ”Do you want Kristen to give us a little life back there?” he jokes to the director. Kristen smiles. ”I’m just writhing down here,” she says. ”A lot of writhing. I writhe really well.”

While making the first movie, Summit kept urging Stewart and Pattinson to ease up on the teenage angst. Now Stewart’s diving headlong into heartache. She says she reached her breaking point one long, cold night in the forest while filming the pivotal scene where Edward abandons her. ”Before the scene, I was sitting in my car, like f—ing crying — crying so hard you can’t breathe,” she says. ”Because I was really overwhelmed and intimidated by the scene. Everyone says, ‘She better be able to pull off the emotion in this movie!’ And it’s such an important moment in the book, when he leaves.” The scene exhausted her. ”I’m thinking, ‘We have to be done now,”’ she remembers. ”’Just tell me we’re done.”’

Read the complete article here (a few videos are included).

I’m glad Chris Weitz was brought on board for New Moon. I agree with Kristen that it will be many times better than Twilight.

Although we already knew most of this information, it’s fun to see Kristen and Taylor enjoy themselves and the process of making this movie.

What do you think of this article and the videos? Did they tell you any “secrets” that you didn’t already know?