Penny Dreadful

Season 2, Episode 04

Episode Title: Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Omar

The episode starts with Vanessa telling Sir Malcolm, Victor, Ethan, Sembene, and Mr. Lyle how Joan died. There is a debate weather witches exist or not by Victor, and light and dark magic from Sir Malcolm. Mr. Lyle tells them that the artifacts are a type of puzzle, and that it’s one narrative divided in different languages, but with the purpose of an autobiography from devil.

“For you are not fighting against flesh and blood enemies, but against mighty powers in this dark realm.” “And against evil spirits in heavenly places”


Inspector Rusk (Douglas Hodge) finds the bodies of the people killed by Hecate and comes to the conclusion that there is more going on with the case of the Mariner’s Inn Massacre, magic. He goes to see Warren Roper (Stephen Lord,) the man that survived Ethan’s attack, to ask him more questions now that he can speak. Warren tells him that he doesn’t remember what happened that night, but the inspector can see that he is lying. Warren reminds him that when he is better, he would be going back to America, as that is his right.


Oscar Putney (David Haig,) the owner of the wax museum, plans to add the train scene to his collection, and decides to move his daughter Lavinia (Tamsin Topolski) with Caliban into the dungeon where they make the sculptures, saying that they both are freaks and don’t need sunlight. They don’t seem to mind the lack of sun, instead, Lavinia asks Caliban about the color of his eyes. Meanwhile, Victor escorts Vanessa to a dress shop, as the night before he asked her for help with an errand. He tells her that he is buying dresses for his cousin Lily that is coming to visit from the country site. He later ask if she wouldn’t mind having tea with them when his cousin arrives, and Vanessa accepts.

“Oh Mister Clare, it hurts me to create them. Like to bringing them to life and torture them, like some sort of terrific African voodoo doll. They are all fresh when they come out of the mold, and I make them suffer” “Some people think that is what life is, born fresh to suffer.”

Hecate creates an incident so that Ethan has the opportunity to save her. They have a coffee together, where she has an American accent and says that she is from Indiana. She gives Ethan the name of Hecate Aphrodite Livingston. But Ethan can see through her disguise and assumes that she is a spy from his father. He tells her to go back to his father and leave him alone.

We see Dorian taking Angelic to Gossima Parlour where they play the new thing brought from the India, Gossima tennis (ping-pong). Angelic asks Dorian how old he is, to what he replies that older that he looks. This makes her ask him for his secret, to what he answers, “Ah, be careful for what you wish for.”

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Lily puts on the dress and shoes that Victor brought for her, so he can make arrangements to them. She cannot understand how women can bear to use the corsets as it is suffocating her. Victor tells her that she doesn’t have to use the corset, as he won’t force her.

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Back in Evelyn’s house, she sends Hecate and the other witches to Sir Malcolm’s house for something. Once there, they seem to have a cloaking spell on them, as they look like part of the walls. Each witch is a part of the house with a group. In the kitchen with Ethan and Sembene, the living room with Sir Malcolm and Mr. Lyle, and in Vanessa’s room with her. They each attack and the one with Vanessa takes a string of her hair. Vanessa speaks Verbis Diablo at her and she flees the room. In the entrance Hecate destroys the front door for the other two to escape, but doesn’t leave without saying goodbye to Ethan, and remind him that she doesn’t have sensible shoes.


What an episode. This week’s episode had a little bit of everything, don’t you think? I want to know more of Sembene’s past. That Inspector can get himself killed if he is not careful, he must have a secret of his own. I think that within a couple of weeks Warren will transform, he shouldn’t be able to talk after what happened to him or be alive. What future does it wait for Caliban and Lavinia in that wax museum with those monsters as owners? For a moment Mr. Putney broke the fourth wall mentioning the Penny Dreadfuls that are sold in the streets. I see Vanessa and Victor more as sibling, so far, even friends. Their scenes are always funny, and Vanessa never seems to judge Victor’s actions or requests. I’m just waiting for Ethan to meet Lily. All fantasy, supernatural, and paranormal books have taught me one thing, hair is a powerful thing, it stores almost everything of what we are, and it should always be protected. Evelyn now has a link to Vanessa for her puppet, if puppets weren’t’ scary enough, know they are more than ever. What did you think of this week’s episode of Penny Dreadful? Tells us in the comments.