Title: Eve’s Christmas Wedding

Series: Christmas Central

By:   Caroline Mickelson


Author’s Website: http://www.carolinemickelson.com

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Andra          


Wedding planner Eve Bennington has her Christmas all thought out, down to the last Mai Tai she plans to savor once she reaches Hawaii. But her plans quickly go awry when her very pregnant business partner insists that Eve do a favor for Santa’s niece. The problem? Santa isn’t real. Or so Eve believes until she and her ex-boyfriend Hunter find themselves on a sleigh pulled by eight shaggy reindeer. Their destination? The North Pole. Their mission? To pull together a very last minute Christmas Eve wedding. Eve’s problem? Finding out that Santa Claus really does exist challenges everything Eve thinks she knows, including her belief that she and Hunter don’t belong together.


This is not my first venture into the writings of Caroline Mickelson.  I have come to enjoy her Christmas themed novella’s as a matter of fact. One must let their imagination run wild and sit back and enjoy the ride.

The story begins with Eve having to forego an early departure for a Christmas holiday in Kauai to take on a new client for a Christmas Eve wedding.  And Eve is not a fan of Christmas – in fact – she detests it! Eve’s very pregnant business partner (Staci) insists that they take this one client. Turns out the client is Santa and a wedding for his niece. With a pregnant partner, it seemed obvious from early on that Eve would have to perform the bulk of the duties, especially visiting the wedding venue (which happens to be the North Pole).

To add anxiety to the mix, Eve’s ex (Hunter) ends up coming along with Eve to the North Pole and they must pull off the wedding event. Have you ever tried to work with your ex?  Some interesting situations emerge along with reflection on Eve’s part.

I found the pace of the story good and I was kept engaged throughout. I really rooted for them to actually plan the wedding of Kris and Kyle.

I enjoyed the sleigh ride with the tired looking reindeer… and it wasn’t even Christmas Eve yet – when they are working very hard. Everyone, including the elves, work towards pulling the wedding off. I enjoyed how Eve managed to satisfy both Santa, the bride and her business partner Staci.

Without giving any more away, I predict that if you enjoy Christmas themed novella’s, then you will enjoy this little gem. I eagerly await reading more by Caroline Mickelson.