Everybody Wants to Rule the World

True Blood, Season 5, Episode 9

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

The Vampires have started destroying the True Blood factories, but claiming that it’s a terrible act of terrorism against them.  The fairies come and warn Sookie that the vampires are behind it and that they are taking over the world.

Eric and the girl in charge of the I-stakes (I never caught her name) work together to come up with a plan of escape.  He clues Bill in on it so he can escape as well.  They both need a drop of  one of the chancellors’ blood to get through security.  Bill has sex with Salome, but imagines Sookie in her place until she turns into a blood covered Lilith.  Eric pretends that he wants Nora to teach him to believe, but injects her with something to knock her out so he can take her with him.  As they are about to leave Bill shows up with the authority as he has alerted them of Eric’s plans.  Bill tells Eric that Lilith has chosen him and they take Eric back into custody.

Hoyt is dragged in and left bound in a barn.  Sookie goes to talk to Bud to see if he knows anything more about her parents’ deaths as he worked their case.  He tells her that he thinks it could have been vampires that killed them, but that they didn’t know vampires existed at the time.  Sookie listens to Bud’s thoughts and knows that he’s hiding something.  Then his mistress comes in and knocks her out with a frying pan.  They tie her up and throw her in the barn along with Hoyt.  Then they force her to drink oxycotin laced ginger ale.  Bud’s mistress is the ‘dragon’ of the hate group and they are making a video for their website and release the hogs on Hoyt and then throw Sookie in.  One pig shifts into Sam who catches her, sits her aside and starts fighting the masked men.  Jason, Andy, and the rest of the police show up and Bud is getting ready to kill Sam and Andy shoots Bud.  Sookie gets Jason’s attention by talking to him and points Hoyt out to him.  Jason grabs him and begs him to stay with him.

Alcide goes to Jackson to his father’s to tell him that he is no longer in the pack, but insists that he’s nothing like his father.

Russell goes to the pack to celebrate the new pack master and feeds them all from his wrist.  Martha refuses to drink so Russell takes Emma from her as punishment and gives her to Steve Newlin, who he brought with him.  J.D. tells him that Emma is part of the pack and he can’t let him take her.  Russell starts choking him and tells him that his blood has a price.  He throws him down and they leave with Emma in tow.

Terry sets out to find Patrick and offer him a fair fight.  Patrick catches Arlene going in to work and takes her hostage.  He makes her call Lafayette and tell him the bar is closed for the day.  Then he calls Terry (who outside of Merlotte’s) and tells him to drop his weapons and come inside.  He hears Arlene yelling that Patrick is going to kill him so he obliges.  Patrick makes Terry kneel in front of him and Arlene attacks him.  Terry ends up holding a gun on Patrick and Arlene is yelling for him to shoot Patrick.  Then they see the woman that cursed Terry and Patrick who tells Terry to do the right thing.  Terry shoots Patrick and the lady tells him blood has been paid with blood and tells the smoke monster to take what’s his and he consumes Patrick, leaving a puddle of blood behind.

A vampire is feeding on a human in Eric’s throne at Fangtasia and Pam goes to tell him off.  The vampire tells her that the public feeding ban has been lifted and that he is the new sheriff of area 5 and throws her away from him, Tara goes to her side.  The new sheriff tells everyone to grab a human and feed.

You can tell we’re getting to the end of the season, because there was a lot going on in the episode!  I was shocked to see Bud was involved in the hate group.  I loved Tara calling Pam ‘vampire barbie’.  I didn’t quite understand if being pack was so important to Alcide, like the flashback  shows us, then why did Debbie have to talk him into joining the Shreveport pack?  Oh and Debbie was much prettier in the flashback…I guess that’s what drugs do to ya!! I imagine the next few episodes are going to center on Luna and Sam trying to get Emma back (maybe they’ll call Alcide for help??) and of course Eric trying to escape the authority and this Warlow character.