Kissed by Angel, Book #4
By Elizabeth Chandler
ISBN#  9781442409149
Author’s Website:  http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/c/elizabeth-chandler/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

In the fourth installment of the Kissed by an Angel series, we find Ivy, Will, and Beth spending the summer in Cape Cod working for Beth’s Aunt Cindy at her inn.  The one year anniversary of Tristan’s death is fast approaching and everyone is keeping a close eye on Ivy.

When Ivy and Beth go to pick up Dhanya and Kelsey (the other two girls that are working at the inn for the summer) from a party, Ivy gets in a car accident.  Ivy has an out of body experience and sees Tristan.  He kisses her and she wakes up in the hospital.  Everyone sees the amount of blood in the car and call it a miracle she survived.

While Ivy is at the hospital she meets another guy, one who doesn’t remember his name that was pulled out of the sea and was badly beaten.  Everyone at the hospital calls him Guy as in guy unknown. Ivy eventually breaks Guy out of the hospital as he’s desperate to escape.

Will and Beth don’t like Ivy hanging out with Guy and after a séance gone wrong, Beth starts having bad dreams and is convinced that Gregory is back and that Ivy shouldn’t be so trusting.  But the more Ivy hangs out with Guy, the more she is convinced that it’s Tristan and he’s somehow come back to her.

Then Guy’s real name is discovered; Luke and he’s wanted for murder.  Were Ivy’s friends right all along?

With how bad the previous book, Soulmates, was I really didn’t know what to expect with this installment.  But I found it to be a nice easy read that doesn’t make you think a whole lot, but is a decent read all the same.

This one had your typical love triangle with Will loving Ivy and her falling for Guy.  It still amazes me how quickly she jumps from one guy to the next though.  Some might be upset about Ivy and Will breaking up, but that didn’t really bother me as I never felt they were right for each other.  And up to the point when they got together, I thought that Beth and Will were going to start dating.

All of Ivy’s friends were thinking that Guy was Gregory coming back for revenge and I was trying to decide if Guy was the bad person here, but I never really thought he was.  Max, Bryan, and Chase were all good candidates though!

You don’t find out all the answers at the end and have to read the next installment, Everlasting, to find out what happens.