Ever After

Love To The Rescue, Book #3

By Rachel Lacey

ISBN # 9781455582150)

Author’s Website: http://www.rachellacey.com/


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Olivia Bennett is not having a happy birthday. Instead of blowing out her twenty-nine candles, she’s stuck in jail, caught red-handed in a graffiti incident that (perhaps) involved one too many strawberry margaritas.Worst idea ever. The only bright side is that she ended up in the strong arms of the most gorgeous lawman she’s ever seen.

Pete Sampson (aka Deputy Hot Stuff) faces intense pressure from the sheriff to find out who’s behind a string of vandalisms. And after her spray-painting spree, Olivia is suspect number one. Still, Pete can’t stop thinking about her. Wanting her. Now he’s torn between his duty and his overpowering desire for the vivacious waitress. But he may have to bend the rules because true love is more important than the letter of the law …(Goodreads)

Olivia Bennett will do anything to fight for a cause she believes in.  That is why she finds herself in jail, after being caught in an act of vandalism.  She is caught spray painting on the side of Halverson Foods chicken processing plant.  She is trying to draw attention to the unspeakable abuse the chickens endure before being slaughtered.  She has video proof that the chickens are being treated inhumanely before they are killed, but no one is doing anything about the problem.   When a policeman catches her on the ladder, spray can in hand, she knows she is in big trouble.

Pete Sampson is the lucky deputy to find Olivia breaking the law.  He has no choice but to take her to jail but he is not happy about having to do that.  He has never met anyone like Olivia and he wants to get to know her better.  Unfortunately it is frowned upon when an arresting officer takes a personal interest in a criminal.  The more time he spends with Olivia, the harder it is to remember that fact.

The characters are well rounded and well developed.  They are definitely people I would like to know and call friends.  Their love of animals and their willingness to go the extra mile to protect those who cannot protect themselves made me really like them.  I really like the fact Olivia’s friends, Cara and Mercy, (from books one and two) are back in this book and it was great to catch up on what was happening in their lives.

Olivia is someone who believes in protecting all animals and is not afraid to do what is necessary to achieve that goal.  She is feisty and is able to take care of herself.  She does not need to be rescued by anyone.  She has some baggage that she carries around because she feels like she is a total screw up much of the time.  She left law school and does not think she wants to go back to become a lawyer.  She has no career to speak of and she feels like she has let her parents down.  She has not had the best of luck in the romance department and she knows she has to get her act together.  She needs to find a career to pursue and the right man so she can have her happily-ever after.

Pete is a great guy but he also has baggage from his past.  His father is an alcoholic who is currently in jail because he killed someone.  Pete feels responsible because his testimony led to his father getting out on parole early and that is when the accident happened that left someone dead.  Olivia knows that Pete has some secrets from his past and she knows that he needs to learn to relax and forgive himself.  She is willing to do whatever it takes to help him achieve these goals, including teaching him meditation, which he does not believe in.  Watching the relationship develop between Olivia and Pete made for a really good read.

The writing style flows smoothly and the books is an easy read.   This book has a little bit of everything: humor, romance, suspense, friendship, forgiveness and of course, animals.  I really enjoyed reading about all the cats and dogs and the way that the humans did their best to give them happy lives.  Some of the descriptions about the chickens are a little difficult to read about but it was an important part of the book.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys well crafted contemporary women’s fiction.  I have read all three books in this series and I loved them all.  I am sad that this is probably be the last book in the series.  Do yourself a favor and pick up the whole series to read.  You will be very glad that you did.