Vampire Empire 1: The Greyfriar by Susan and Clay Griffith 1/2

An alternate history/steampunk book that is set in 2020 (according to the back) but looks like the late 1800s.. All of Northern Europe has been over run with vampires, after a mass vampire attack 200 years ago drove out the humans (which set human technology back). It’s really good so far. Very action packed (the book starts with a vampire attack on an airship fleet). The characters remind me of those 1930’s swashbuckling movies/Errol Flynn movies: a ¬†brave princess and a mysterious masked man. Except the main character (Princess Adele) has a badass sword. If it holds true to the swashbuckling/romance style of the movies, I know how it will end, even if I don’t know what happens in the middle. It’s pretty fast reading, so I already have the sequel.