Forever by Maggie Stiefvater is finally out! I haven’t gotten to read as much as I would have liked (I’m on page 160-less than halfway) but I’m sure I will finish it by the end of the weekend. I’m loving it so far! (Five stars so far)

I started The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood over a month ago, and I put it down to do re-reads for all the new books coming out. It’s a dystopian novel set in a near future. She wrote it in the 80’s, but some of the predictions she made are so close to the truth that it makes my stomach roll. (Four Stars so far)

I’m also reading Nerd Do Well by Simon Pegg. It’s sort of a memoir; it’s stories of his geeky childhood that relate to his now geeky career. There’s a James-Bond-with-a-robot story in between chapters too. I’m enjoying the memoir part more that the tongue in cheek story. (Four Stars so far)

Servant of the Bones by Anne Rice. It’s Anne Rice: of course it’s amazing so far. (5 out of 5 stars)

Summary: “The story of Azriel, Servant of the Bones. He is ghost, genii, demon, angel–pure spirit made visible. He pours his heart out to us as he journeys from an ancient Babylon of royal plottings and religious upheavals to Europe of the Black Death and on to the modern world.” (from Goodreads)

I also read Marked and Betrayed from House of Night by P.C. and Kristen Cast. There were a few things I loved about the books and more things that irritated me. I loved the Wiccan and Native American aspects of the school, but the overuse of slang and pop culture references drove me nuts. The only reason I bothered with Betrayed was because I got a free used copy ( But I’m not going to bother with the rest of the series. The second book just wasn’t that interesting. I read the book summaries for the next five and I think that was a good choice. Luckily I finished each book in one sitting, so I don’t feel like I wasted my time. (2 out of 5 stars for both)