ERIC BARNES’ ‘SHIMMER’: SCIENCE FICTION MEETS PONZI SCHEME Given science fiction’s recent resurgence in the publishing industry, it’s no surprise that “Shimmer,” the new novel written by Eric Barnes, SoA‘ 95, is out in hardback. What is surprising is the novel’s fluency, conventionality, and clean style.

“Shimmer” comes with all the impediments of contemporary fiction: it is smartly bound in blue and saddled with the subtitle “a tale of corporate greed, intrigue, and deceit.” This obnoxious cover is completely at odds with Barnes’s low-key, easygoing demeanor. He laughed when he was told how quickly the book could be finished. “People always tell me how fast it moves,” he said in an interview. “It takes them four hours to read, but I wrote it for two and a half years over a 10-year period.”

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This sounds like a pretty cool book to me. Are you interested in reading Shimmer?