If you think True Blood is crazysexycool now, wait until you see what ‘s coming up next.

We caught a glimpse of clips for upcoming episodes at today’s Comic-Con panel (click on the video above) and we can tell you this: We finally get to see Michelle Forbes‘ character (Maryanne) revealing her true self, which is the horned maenad creature that attacked Sookie (Anna Paquin) a few eps back, and, we must say, Michelle looks killer in the getup! She is stirring up even more trouble than before and it goes way beyond just getting people high, horny and black-eyed at her parties.

We also got our first good look at Evan Rachel Wood‘s vampire queen in a trailer-ending scene where she is feasting on someone and comes up for air with a face full of blood to say, “Wanna join me?” I can safely say that everyone in the audience did want to join her. She looks simply delicious as the queen.

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I haven’t been watching this new season very closely. Have you?

Do you think the HBO series is similar to the books? Or not at all? Have they changed too much?