The ‘Mortal Instruments’ series – books 1 to 3 by Cassandra Clare

I was caught by the characters and the story immediately … after the first three or four chapters it was hard to stop reading because i wanted to know more … more about the underworld and the hunters. A lot of romantic and also a lot of action – just right for me … the series is thrilling, varied and full of great ideas – i love the story about the mortal cup and the place it is in the end as much as the one of the silent brothers or the characters ‘talents’ 😉 Well, all the characters (Clary, Simon, Jace, Isabelle, Alec, Luke, Max, Raphael …) are kind of awesome and I like each one for his own kind of uniqueness … and especially – since he was mentioned the first time i kind of fell in love with the more less character Magnus Bane – lucky me his part grew during the chapters and books.

Jace and Simons humor is sometimes very sarcastic – which makes me smile again and again. And Clary is very often so … innocent … just lovely.

The bad guy of the story, Valentine, sometimes seems to me like Harry Potters Lord Voldemort – cruel and relentless … but like all the others he is one of a kind.
Talking about J.K. Rowlings series … I also like the word for ‘normal people’, which is Mundane – ist just like Muggle at Harry Potter.

I need to say – I really enjoyed this series and can’t wait for the next book to be published … I love all these daemons, vampires, werewolves, elves, faeries and other mystic beings in one story. In a story that diversified with such great characters and places.