Recently I read ‘The Hunger Games’ – not the stuff I usually read, because I prefer books about supernaturals or crime. But I wanted to know what is so special about that series so many people talk about – and a movie will me done soon.
I need to say it’ll not become my favorite series. I doubt I’ll even read it again. If I want to know anything about war I watch the news or I read some historical books. I just don’t like books about fictional wars. Not as long as real wars are going on all around us. And especially I don’t like fiction books about wars that are at some points so real it makes me feel uncomfortable. There was just too much unrealistic in this whole series that I couldn’t enjoy it.

Yes, the characters are nice, but for me overdone. Katniss lacks confidence , Peeta is too sacrificing, Gale too understanding and Haymitch just too much the tragic war hero. Not to talk about the Capitol people (like the prep-team) living in some parallel-universe.

The plot about Panem, the Districts and the Capitol, and the games is really nothing new. There had been stories about that aftermath places where people could still live, but only live to serve and please the leaders – for example it’s just like Mad Max had been years ago.

Anyway … I read all three books and they didn’t bore me. Because if they had I hadn’t finished them. But they also didn’t want me to re-read them or to recommend them to anyone. I’d rather read Harry Potter, Sookie Stackhouse or any L.J.Smith books for the tenth time, than this series.

As for the movie-casting that’s going on right now … the only one I totally agree is Woody Harelson 😉