4 star rating
Emerald Isle
Stacy Justice Mystery, Book #4
By Barbra Annino
ISBN#  9781477805848
Author’s Website:  http://www.barbraannino.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

emerald-isle-stacy-justice-mystery-barbra-anninoEmerald Isle opens up with everybody preparing for Stacy’s 29th birthday.  You might think 29, what’s so special about that?  But witches count from their actual birth making it her 30th birthday, the one where she’ll come into her full magical powers!  But in true Stacy fashion the gathering becomes quite the disaster, ending with Stacy missing and her guests unconscious complete with one wrapped up in a rug!

But worse than all of that is the news that one of the council’s magical treasures, the cauldron, has gone missing!  The last time it disappeared a horrendous famine occurred, so now the council wants Stacy to prove she is the rightful Seeker of Justice by finding the lost treasure.  And, if she succeeds she will also be able to free her mom from the prison she’s been in since killing a man to protect Stacy!  If that wasn’t enough pressure, Birdie’s school rival is convinced her grandson is the true Seeker and if he finds the cauldron first he will be confirmed instead of Stacy and her mom will never be freed!

So now Stacy, Thor, Birdie, Fiona, Lolly, John, and even Gramps head off to Ireland for an adventure they won’t soon forget!

I really enjoyed this story!  It’s a perfect mix of adventure and humor and I just ate it up!  It’s a quick and fun read, just like the earlier installments of the series, and you will definitely enjoy catching up with Stacy and her quirky family and friends!

Sadly, Chance wasn’t in this one a whole lot, but the time he was there was great!

“It’s my job to worry about you. I’m in love with you, Stacy. I have been ever since I can remember. It’s always been you.”

I adore him, even when he’s upset with Stacy!

“You’re the most important person in my life,” I whispered. “You’re the only man I ever let in.”

“But I’m not in, Stace. I’m standing on the porch in the pouring rain, waiting for you to open the door. I’ve been waiting ever since you left after graduation, ever since you came back last year. Even now, you’ve let me into your bed, but not into your heart. I’m still waiting.”

But this book has so much going on that you don’t have time to miss Stacy’s stud muffin!  I just hope to see more of him in future installments (I’m hoping there are still future installments)!

We also got a look at Birdie’s past in this one.  Namely her vendetta with her nemesis, Tallulah!  It gave more depth to what was going on in their present life and really helped tie everything together.

Surprisingly, I really found myself enjoying Stacy’s competition, Ethan.  His ‘who cares’ attitude was kind of fun in a castle full of such serious people!  I especially enjoyed him when he would say or do something that goes against his grandmother’s wishes.  His come-ons to Stacy were a bit sudden and skeevy, but I guess it adds to his …. ‘charm’.

“May I be excused, or would you like my assistance toweling off?” Ethan asked. “My grandmother is expecting me, and she hates when I’m late, although I’m willing to risk the wrath if you’d like to continue this conversation.”

Bottom line: all of this stuff I just mentioned adds up to an interesting and fun book that you won’t want to miss, complete with twists I never expected!

*Be aware this review is based on an ARC (advanced reader’s copy) and all content including the quotes are subject to change.