At the beginning of the year we reviewed the Vampire Kisses novel by Ellen Schreiber (which we found very entertaining). Now we’ve had a pleasure of chatting with the author for a little Q & A session to find out all about her, her future plans and her love of Manga.

Did any of your experiences as an actress influence your writing/character?

I think acting has helped my writing a lot. I think of the story through the characters–their motivations, passions, and fears. I also did a lot of improv which helped me think about scenes, dialogue, and character development quickly. 

Your books have been made into Manga – what is the best/worst thing you’ve found about the two types of writing?

I think the best thing is that I get to see the characters come to life. I am amazed every time I get a new sketch or drawing. I get so excited to see Raven and Alexander and gang! It has been such a thrill doing the manga! The worst thing is that some of the artists have gotten busy and couldn’t continue working on it. But I LOVE our new artist and think she is AMAZING!

What do you think of the art design for the Vampire Kisses manga?

I think it has always been amazing! We do our best to make sure the art represents the characters and the artists do their best to bring the characters to life. And it has been an awesome experience.

Were you a fan of Manga prior to your books being made into one? If so, do you have any favorites?

Yes, I LOVE manga. I read NANA, Absolute Boyfriend, and now I like Chibi Vampire.

Did you ever think about making Vampire Kisses a little darker and aiming for an audience of slightly older teenagers or did you always imagine it the way that it is?

I never thought of that. I think it would be weird to change the tone suddenly after 8 volumes. I think the readers know the characters and come to expect certain things when they are reading them. I think it is important to stay consistent with the characters–and that is what the readers ultimately identify with. From the beginning, Vampire Kisses has been about romance and the romantic vampire–his struggle and the struggle of the mortal who loves him and wants to become a vampire. I didn’t want it to be bloody and gory, but rather romantic and fun.

Have you considered writing a darker series for older youth?

Wow–you keep asking about darker books. Maybe it  is something I can do later? I like to keep things fun and funny so that is why I keep mine upbeat. It’s just the way the voices come out. But, who knows, I never thought I’d be writing a book about a vampire–much less writing ten of them. So who knows? I like to keep my mind open. 🙂

Have you ever experienced Writer’s Block? How do you deal with it?

Rarely. If I do, I step away from the book. I go out and shop, eat, drive. Then I usually think of the ideas that weren’t coming when I was stuck inside staring at the computer.

What is the most unexpected reaction you’ve ever received about your work?

I was surprised to find that so many people responded to the bullying part. It was something I intended. Trevor was only going to be a character and he seemed to take one a life of his own. It seems like a lot of readers have a Trevor in their life.

What future projects are you working on? Can you tell us anything about them?

I am working on Vk9–STORMY NIGHTS. It is about Alexander’s younger sister coming to Dullsville.

Then I’ll work on Once in a Full Moon 3.

What is one thing you’d like your fans to know about you and your books?

That I love writing them and am so grateful to the readers that read them.

Who is your favorite literary character and why? Who is your favorite villain and why?

I like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. I just love the story and that his is so deserving. Favorite villain?  Of course it would be Dracula! 🙂

Are you a fan of Ellen Schreiber? Which books have you read? Drop us a comment and say hello to Ellen.