Here is a great new interview Sam Trammell aka Sam Merlotte in ‘True Blood’ gave to edmontonsun.com:

Trammell, 38-year-old, didn’t expect anything. “When I saw the words ‘created by Alan Ball’ and ‘HBO’, I was interested before I even read the pilot, and of course you hope things take off,” Trammell said. “I was hoping we might be half as popular as Six Feet Under. But right now it’s at a frenzy.

“I don’t know if it’s vampires or if it’s the talent of the people who have decided to write in that genre. It’s a chicken-or-the-egg thing.”

Trammell’s character in True Blood is not a vampire, but rather a shape-shifter – and much more. “I’m the bedrock of town. At the beginning, Sookie is ready to just run off with this vampire, and I’m warning her not to do that. I’m warning Tara not to go off with Maryann. I’m the person that knows more than the other characters, but I don’t give it all away to the audience.”

“There’s a certain masochism in me, I guess. I don’t mind going to the horrible places. If you write it, I’ll go there. I love the idea of running away from something that’s trying to kill me.”

Don’t we all. But man, you sure landed the right series, Sam.

Read the whole interview HERE

I think Sam did the right decision to join the series and he is really a great bar-owner and … more. Do you like Sam Trammell playing Sam Merlotte? Are you surprised about the success of True Blood?