Edward Saves Bella from Victoria in the Snow — New TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE photo released

So you’ve seen the new TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE trailer on Oprah, right? And you’re dying for some new pix? Check this one out — it’s from a very romantic and dramatic scene in which Edward and Bella (big faves Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart) are trying to get away from Victoria, who is out to murder them. Soon after this, supposedly, Edward will be knocking down a tree and finding Victoria clutching to its branches!

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All these images are getting me hyped up about Eclipse.  So far, it looks kick ass and I’m relieved to say the least. It would be so easy to screw any of these movies up (as I believe Hardwicke did in Twilight) – but New Moon was so much better and I believe Eclipse will be too. Now they just need to get the right directors for Breaking Dawn.

What do you think? Have you been looking at all the images floating around the internet? Or are you trying to stay away from them so they don’t spoil it for you?