Hey Twilight fans… This is actually the first set I’ve visited on ‘Eclipse’ so far… even though it’s been filming for a couple weeks. I got the chance to visit the set of the Graduation Scene in ‘Eclipse’ today after work. I heard that Rob, Kristen, Ashley, Jackson, Peter and others were on set today filming the scene. Sadly I only got there for the tail end of it, so here are some of the photos I captured.

Here’s your first look at the cap and gowns they are using for the graduation scene! Very cool. Should make for some colourful scenes on film… very excited to see. They had dozens of extras on sets today… maybe around 50 people? Old people, young people, and tons of young actors dressed up as other graduating Forks High School kids.

And Billy Burke all dressed up in costume as Charlie Swan. We haven’t seen him yet on set so it’s pretty excited to see him all dressed up. Digging the blazer and the shoes… very Charlie Swan.

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I’m very excited to see this pics. The graduation-scene seems to get a big one with a lot of people. And always nice to have a look at the actors dressed-up for their role. What’s your opinion of this blog-entry? Do you enjoy the new pics and suggestions about who could be who?