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Fifty Shades of Grey

By author E.L. James


A : Anastasia Steele – Innocent college girl who falls under the spell of Christian Grey.
Audi – Christian’s preferred car.

Aspen – Location of the Grey’s home in Colorado.

B: Blip – Ana’s name for their unborn child.

C: Christian Grey – Enigmatic and wildly successful Seattle entrepreneur.
Carrick Grey – Doctor and Christian’s adoptive father.
Charlie Tango – Grey Enterprises Holdings Helicopter.
Clayton’s – Hardware store where Ana works during college.

D: Dominant – Christian Grey or person who exerts their will over a Submissive
Doctor Greene – Ob/Gyn that meets with Ana at Escala.
Doctor Flynn – Christian’s shrink.

E: Elliot Grey – Christian’s adoptive brother.
Escala – The building where Christian’s penthouse is located in Seattle.
Elena – Christian’s old “friend” and business partner.
Ethan Kavanagh – Kate’s brother.
EC135 Eurocopter – Model of Charlie Tango.

F: Fifty – Ana’s nickname for Christian.
Flowers – Part of the “hearts and flowers” that Ana wanted to feel that this was a real romance.
Fire – Jack set fire to the server room.
Fifteen Thousand Euro – The price of the bracelet Christian bought on the honeymoon.
Fair Lady – The boat they stay on for their honeymoon.

G: Grace Trevelyan Grey – Christian’s adoptive mother.
Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc – Christian’s company.

H: Heathman Hotel – Hotel where Christian Grey stays while in Portland.
Hard limits – Parameters that outline the physical D/s relationship.

I: Inner Goddess – Name given for Ana’s inner voice.

J: Jack Hyde – Commissioning Editor at SIP – Ana’s boss.
Jose Rodriguez – Ana’s college friend and photographer.

K: Katherine Kavanagh – Ana’s roommate and Elliot Grey’s girlfriend.
Kinky Fuckery – Self explanatory…

L: Leila Williams – Christian’s former submissive.

M: Mrs. Robinson – Ana’s name for Elena.
Mia Grey – Christian’s adoptive sister.

N: NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) – Legal document signed by Ana to have a relationship with Christian.

O: ORGASMS – Duh! 😉
Overnights – A requirement of the contract stating that the Sub must spend weekends with Christian.
Omelets – Something that Ana enjoys making for Christian.
Obedient – What Ana refuses to be.

P: Portland – City where Ana originally lives and home of the Heathman.

Q: Quirks – What Ana says Christian does to his eyebrows when he’s puzzled.

R: Red Room of Pain (RRoP) – Christian’s “playroom” in Escala.
R8 – Model of Christian’s car.
Ray Steele – Ana’s father.

S: Submissive – Person who willingly turns over control to a Dominant.
Safe words – Words used to protect the Submissive.
Savannah – Where Ana’s mother lives.
Spem in Alium by Thomas Tallis – Song that Christian plays for Ana.
SIP – Publisher where Ana works.
Sex Chamber.

T: Tess of the D’Urbervilles – The first gift that Christian gives to Ana.
Taylor – Chauffeur and security for Christian.
Theodore Raymond Grey – Son of Ana and Christian.

U: Utilitarian – How Ana describes the building that houses Grey House or Christian’s office building.

V: Virginity – What Ana gives up to Christian.

W: Wine – Something Christian does well…
WSU – Ana’s Alma Mater and where Christian is a benefactor.

X: Xbox – Not what Christian wants to show Ana in the RRoP…
X – Shape of the St. Andrew’s Cross in the RRoP.

Y: Young – Ana is surprised at all Christian has accomplished at his age when she is introduced to him.

Z: Zero – Temperature of the Grey’s kitchen when discussing the possibility of a prenup.
Zig Zag Cafe – Where Ana goes for “a drink” with Kate to defy Christian.