I had the opportunity to interview EA Jensen author of Shadows of the Past. Read the review here.

What is the inspiration behind Shadows of the Past?

I was at the end of a really bad relationship at the time; I decided to write to help with the turmoil. When the relationship ended, it became my therapy. It actually sat on my laptop untouched until my husband told me I needed to do something with it because it was too good to just sit there.

I love the name Kirsa. How did you come up with her name?

I researched old German names and came across it. I thought it was different yet simple and unique.

The paranormal politics are extremely intricate. How did you keep it all straight?

I actually wrote out the paranormal laws, the vampire council information, and have it all in a binder with all the character information. This way I can just flip to what I need when I need to double check something.

Ayden is a wonderful guy. Is he based on someone you know? or maybe just your dream guy?

I wrote Ayden’s character before I met my husband, people who I know that read the book think I based Ayden off of Dave. After I met Dave I put some of him into the character, Ayden started out as my dream guy who ended up being real.

Lars was deliciously evil in a brilliant way. How did you flesh him out and weave his treachery into every part of the story?

In my first draft Lars was a good guy. But the book was missing something, I was having issues coming up with a traitor and a leader of the church. I decided on a whim what would happen if I made Lars the bad guy. I ran the idea past my husband and he thought it would work, so I tried it and loved it. I then had to go back through what I had already and edit some of the earlier scenes so it would work.

What can you tell us about the next book?

The next book will have most of the same people from the first book: Kirsa, Ayden, Sabrina, and Sara. Al Moore is in this one more, so you will get to see Kirsa and his relationship as friends in this one. I also introduce someone from Kirsa, Sabrina and Sara’s past in this one. The story is a bit more psychological, I introduce you to some Faery politics, witchcraft, and the dream realm. You get to see how Kirsa and Ayden are doing as a couple, how Kirsa is coping with the events from the first book, and how they are all moving forward with their lives from what happened with Lars.

Fun stuff:

Favorite time of day to write? I usually end up writing at night after we have put our two year old to bed.

Favorite food? Ice cream, Goulash and Lasagna

Favorite literary villain? Mr. Sinister from the X-men comic books,

Favorite book made into a movie? Harry Potter books

Thanks Meg aka E.A. Jensen for the opportunity to read/review your book and interview you.