2012 (2009)

Action, Drama, Sci-Fi (PG-13)

Centuries ago, the Mayans left us their calendar, with a clear end date and all that it implies. Since then, astrologists have discovered it, numerologists have found patterns that predict it, geologists say the earth is overdue for it, and even government scientists cannot deny the cataclysm of epic proportions that awaits the earth in 2012. A prophecy that began with the Mayans has now been well-chronicled, discussed, taken apart and examined. By 2012, we’ll know we were warned…

Alice (2009)

Fantasy, Television (Not Rated)

Alice Hamilton, a fiercely independent twenty-something suddenly finds herself on the other side of a looking glass. She is a stranger in an outlandish city of twisted towers and casinos built out of playing cards, all under the rule of the deliciously devilish Queen of Hearts. With the Queen hot on her tail, Alice isn’t certain which of the many characters of Wonderland she can trust to help her escape – and maintain a level head.

Where the Wild Things Are (2009)

Adventure, Drama, Family (PG)

The adventures of a young boy named Max who, after being sent to bed for misbehaving, imagines that he sails away to where the wild things are. Max is loved by the wild creatures who make him their King, though he soon longs to be back home with his family.

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Lots of Alice coming out this week due to the March 5th release of Alice in Wonderland in theaters. I have not seen the 1933 version yet, but I have seen the made for TV movie.

There’s also the sci-fi movie 2012, which I’m not to excited about. On the other hand I am looking forward to the Sy-Fy Alice version.

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Where the Wild Things Are

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