Drive Me Wild

Bellamy Creek, Book #1

By Melanie Harlow

ISBN# 9798673814512

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When rich girl, Blair Beaufort, is pressured by her family to hook up with an old rich tycoon, she does the only thing she can…. run!  She is ready to start over somewhere new and to finally chase her dreams of owning her own bakery.  Unfortunately, she has no money and when her car breaks down in Bellamy Creek, she is at the mercy of the local (and smoking hot) mechanic, Griffin Dempsey.

Griff was hurt badly in the past, which has led him to creating rules for himself to keep from getting hurt.  But he finds himself breaking all the rules when Blair comes storming into his life.  He never allows a woman to stay over at his place, yet he finds that he doesn’t want Blair to leave!

However, when things start getting too serious, Griff is ready to throw everything away to keep his heart safe.  Can Blair make him see the error of his ways or is he doomed to be alone forever?

I enjoy a good Melaine Harlow book from time to time.  I started this one not realizing it was a spin-off of her Cloverleigh Farms series, which I have greatly enjoyed, although I have not finished reading it yet.  The good news is that you don’t need to read that series to enjoy this book.  The two series are very loosely connected.

I enjoyed Griff and his friends and family.  Although Griff is pretty hard-headed, at times.  He overall seems like a fun guy that is weighed down with the commitment of trying to keep the family business afloat.  Not, to mention he’s haunted by his past.  The man is scared to be happy and it will take a special woman to break through his defenses.

Blair is a decent character as well, although she doesn’t seem like someone that has lived a life of luxury and pampering.  A baker that is reimagining Griff’s business module is not exactly the rich bimbo stereotype I was expecting.

I really enjoyed all the secondary characters in this series and they truly brought this small town to life.  And, showed us just how fast news travels in these little communities!  I can see Harlow having a lot of material to go on as she continues writing these books.   I look forward to seeing all Griff’s friends and his sister find their true loves!  And, I hope we see some more of Griff’s mom too!

“Now mind your manners around that young lady, and at least try to be charming. You might not think her showing up here was a sign, but I do! And if you’re not careful, someone else is going to come along and sweep her off her feet–someone like Enzo Moretti! Now there’s a gentleman!”

I was so annoyed and hungry, I lost it. “Oh yeah? Well, Moretti was just telling us last night about a threesome he had recently. Is that the kind of gentleman you think I should be?”

My mother was silent for a moment, and I squeezed my eyes shut, picturing her having a heart attack. And then.

“That is exactly what I’m talking about! He charmed two women into being with him. All I’m asking you to do is work on one.”