Dream Chaser

Dark-Hunter, Book #13

Dream-Hunter, Book #3

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

ISBN# 9780312938826

Author’s Website:  https://www.sherrilynkenyon.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Simone has always been a little odd.  She works as a medical examiner and teacher.  No sight is too gory for her!  Her best friend is a ghost that nobody can see or hear and he even has his own room at her house!  She works closely with Dark-Hunter squire, Tate, who is always having to cover up, for the paranormal and strange deaths they encounter.  Their latest case has even Simone and Tate scratching their heads, when the dead body gets up and walks out of the morgue!  They have to find out how the body was able to reanimate itself, what killed it, and how to stop it before people start to notice!

Xypher has been living in hell, literally!  He took Satara’s punishment thinking that he was in love.  She was supposed to come and feed him the seeds from the Destroyer’s garden that would have completely killed him.  Instead, she came to Tartarus to laugh at him and even help torture him!  Xypher now knows that he can’t trust anyone.

Xypher has been freed from hell for one month.  He knows that Hades won’t release him no matter what so he plans to kill Satara and take her with him to hell!

He did not expect to get bound to a human with some magic rings though.  If the human dies or gets too far from him they both die!  Protecting her and finding out how to get the rings off are his new top priorities.  Hopefully he will still find a way to get his vengeance as well!

Xypher didn’t expect Simone to be so nice.  She is truly innocent and good, something he didn’t think existed.  And, when she touches him without fear or disgust, but instead with desire, he never wants to leave her.  But sadly the end is near and he will have to go back to Tartarus.    What happens when Xypher finds something that is more important to him then his own vengeance?

I really enjoyed this book.  I’ve not been a big fan of the Dream-Hunters, but this one was interesting.  I enjoyed and understood Xypher’s character.  He’d been wronged by everyone in his life and you can’t blame him for being surly and untrusting towards others.  It was nice seeing him come out of his shell a bit and even help Simone with her case!

I thought Jesse was a lot of fun too.  He brought some much needed humor to the book.  It was fun watching him spar with Gloria over his music and having to share!  He truly is Simone’s child!

“How do you know about Boy George?”

“I was in hell, Jesse. What do you think they used to torture me with? Bad pop songs.”

Throughout this series we’ve seen Ash take punishment upon punishment to help his hunters.  Now we see another character sacrifice themselves in the same way for love.  And, this one was one of the most unlikely people to do such a noble thing.  Now, I can’t wait to see more of him too!

This was a fun read in the series and I’m ready for more.  Especially considering that Ash’s book is next!  I’ve been waiting to get to that one for forever!