Dragonbane (Dark-Hunter, Book #24 Lords of Avalon, Book #5 Were-Hunter, Book #9 Hellchaser, Book #6) By Sherrilyn Kenyon


Dark-Hunter, Book #24

Lords of Avalon, Book #5

Were-Hunter, Book #9

Hellchaser, Book #6

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

ISBN# 9781250029942

Author’s Website: mysherrilyn.com

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Dragon shifter, Maxis Drago, has called Sanctuary home since the Peltiers opened their doors.  He is the one resident who has never taken a step outside since he arrived.  He keeps to himself, but is always willing to help when someone needs it.  So, nobody knows quite what to do when an Amazonian Dragonslayer bursts in claiming Max as her mate.

“It appears my brother didn’t share his good news with me.” Blaise tsked in Max’s direction. “I would have sent a wedding present had I known.”

“Since we were mated centuries before you were born, I’d have paid money to see you do that.”

Seraphina is an Arcadian dragon shifter that’s village was destroyed by a Katagaria dragon.  As the sole survivor, their sister tribe took Sera in and raised her.  This tribe doesn’t believe in shifting and instead stay in their human forms all the time.  They feel letting the animal free is a form of weakness.  When Sera and Max mated, she brought him home with her.  However, the tribe never accepted Max and made life hell for him.  It eventually drove him away.

“I told you when we mated that I would gladly give you my heart, my life, and my love, but that when I did so they came with one condition. Never abuse me. Love is not abuse. And you have harmed me for the last time, my lady. I am done with you. Forever.”

Now Sera has hunted him down. The queen of her tribe is in league with demons and has taken their children.  Children Max didn’t even know existed.   Nala will kill the kids unless Sera delivers the Dragonbane (Max) to them.  He may not have known about his kids, but now that he does, Max will do anything to protect them.  Even put his own life on the line.  But will it be enough?

I really enjoyed Max in this book.  He seemed like an all-around great guy, but one that had a past he didn’t deserve.  He was once a great dragon until a god merged him with an Apollite prince to try to outlive the Apollite curse.  He was later marked as the Dragonbane, the first of his species to kill another were-hunter in cold-blooded savagery.  Yet, he single-handedly made sure his family survived.  Finding the eggs his mother would lay every year and hatching and raising his brothers.  He didn’t want any of them to be alone the way he was when he hatched.  And risking everything to save his kids, was just another of the many things Max has done through the years… always protecting someone.

I was quite appalled with all the things that Sera put Max through for the sake of her tribe and her piddly feelings.  Keeping his kids from him all this time is just one of her many transgressions.  Yet, Max doesn’t give her any grief about any of it, although he really should have.

As, usual in this series, there is more going on then what the synopsis of the book tells us.  War is brewing and everyone are just pawns in the gods’ games.

I liked this novel and I’m interested to see more of the drakos were-hunters and what they bring to the overall storyline.