Double Vision by Colby Marshall


4 star

4 Stars

Double Vision (Dr. Jenna Ramey #2)

Author: Colby Marshall

ISBN13: 9780425276525

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double visionSynopsis:

New from the author of Color Blind…FBI profiler Jenna Ramey has synesthesia, a neurological condition that causes perceptions of color to flash through her mind, triggered by seemingly unrelated stimuli. But she has learned to understand and interpret these associations. They help her do her job. They can help save lives…


A little girl has witnessed a mass shooting. What she knows may be the key to finding the man responsible. Jenna has been tasked with drawing her out, figuring out what she saw, what she remembers, what it means.


But Molly is an unusual child. She is sweet and bright, and eager to help, but she has a quirk of her own: an intense preoccupation with numbers. It helps her notice things that others don’t. It also leads Jenna into a maze of speculation that could turn into a wild goose chase while the body count continues to rise.


Jenna and Molly view the world through their own filters. In some ways, they speak different languages. Now Jenna must learn to communicate, to break Molly’s code, to understand the mind of a murderer….




Double Vision is the second installment in Colby Marshall’s Dr. Jenna Ramey series. While I enjoyed the first one Color Blind this one definitely has grown up and developed into a wonderful and unique mystery series. Dr. Jenna Ramey is an FBI profiler with a twist. She has synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway (per Wikipedia). Dr. Ramey has worked hard to use her condition to do her job better.  Colby Marshall has written a new and intriguing main character in Dr. Ramey and this second book has her character even more evolved and interesting.


When a horrible mass shooting occurs, Dr. Ramey teams up with an unusual child named Molly to find the answers to who did this deadly deed. Molly is no normal child. She is preoccupied with numbers. Even though her parents just see her as a bright child, Dr. Ramey sees more. Molly wants to help and that means the doctor has to try to comprehend the little girl’s unique trait in order to find this killer. Body counts are going up as they go down a few wrong rabbit trails, but the never give up.


In this second installment of the Dr. Jenna Ramey books, the doctor has a love interest. And he is also pulled into the mysteries as he takes 911 calls. Their relationship is interesting and well written. There are a few different mysteries going on at the same time in different places and the writer does a great job of keeping them all interesting and intertwined in an intelligent manner. This is not your normal run of the mill mystery. It pops with colorful words and actions as bright as Dr. Ramey’s views of the world.


I would recommend Double Vision to anyone who enjoys superlative mystery, full of intrigue and interesting characters. You do not have to have read the first in the series to thoroughly enjoy this installment. It is fascinating and keeps the reader guessing and following the leads through every turn. With the main character being an FBI profiler, she is intelligent while still being human and relatable. This is a great read and kept me involved at every turn. I look forward to more in this fascinating mystery series.



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