As literary classics go, Oscar Wilde’s story The Picture of Dorian Gray is scary, disturbing stuff. And appropriately, it looks from this poster like Oliver Parker’s film version, Dorian Gray, is also going to creep us all out.

It’s the story of the titular Dorian (Prince Caspian‘s Ben Barnes), a privileged and beautiful young man in Victorian England who wishes, as he gazes at his latest portrait, that the picture could age instead of him. Lo and behold, it does – but as Dorian becomes older and more corrupt, the portrait in the attic becomes a monster.

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Dorian Gray is one of my favorite classics. We got to see a glimpse of Dorian Gray in the comic book adaptation of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen…remember that hot mess?!

I am pretty excited about this movie. I like the actors that have been cast so far and I think it could make for an intriguing and very provacative movie, don’t you agree?

What do you think of Ben Barnes as Dorian?

Will you go see this movie?