Don’t Call Me Angel
Forsaken, Book #1
By Alicia Wright Brewster
ISBN#  9780985023034
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Six is a fallen angel that was cast out of Heaven and sent to Hell for some reason she still isn’t sure of.  After decades in the dark and several failed plans of escape, Six finally finds a plan that works and she takes her one ally with her; fellow forsaken angel, Alden.

They are amazed being on Earth and seeing just how great it is, but they can’t understand why the humans that live there aren’t happy.  They have so much, yet they always want more.

Six senses people’s emotions and is drawn to the strong ones.  Her ability causes her problems when Alden takes her to a new club he found in Atlanta’s underground.  It’s a club for supernaturals that leaves her with an unexplained uneasy feeling.  She soon discovers why her stomach is tied in knots when a couple of scared humans are carted in for entertainment.  They are tortured on stage and you can take a whack at them for a price.  Six is appalled when Alden participates in these activities and later kills them right in front of her.

When she discovers that Alden is not only killing people, but also killing their souls, she realizes the danger she is in.  If the souls aren’t going to Heaven or Hell when they are expected to, someone will take notice and Six is worried that person just might be the only person that can compel her back into Hell, Luke (Lucifer).  She is saddened to discover that the only way to make Alden stop is to kill her one and only ally.

I’m not usually a big fan of novellas, but I found myself really enjoying this one.  The writing was strong and it definitely kept my interest.  The book is a light easy read that you could easily finish in a leisurely afternoon.

I enjoyed Six and her relationship with Alden and was as sad as she was that she’d have to break that bond permanently.

I also liked Grant for the few minutes he was in the book and was hoping that Six was going to form some kind of relationship with him, but Luke took care of that.  I’ve never envisioned such a beautiful villain and know that he will be a huge part of the subsequent books in the series and I can’t wait to check them out myself!!  Hopefully the future installments will clue us in to why Six was cast out of Heaven and we’ll see if her wings are truly gone for good, as I was expecting them to grow back at any minute!!  A great start to a new series!!