Thanks to Ross Miller at Screen Rant

It was announced recently that Dick Cook, the chairman of Walt Disney Studios for 38 years, has stepped down from his position, a move reportedly caused by a rough financial year. Cook released a statement proclaiming his love for every minute of working at Disney, having risen from monorail and steam train operator to chairman.


So Depp thought very highly of Cook and apparently doesn’t agree with him being gone… this leads to the question of Depp’s involvement with Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Depp notes that not only was Cook the reason he worked with Disney in the first place, but Cook was also the only one at the studio who backed his style of portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow (the gold teeth, the “drunken” movement, the stuff in his hair etc.), whilst others were, “less enthusiastic,” to say the least (I bet they changed their tune when the movie, and the character, became a colossal hit). Depp says Cook was, “completely supportive,” of him when other studio execs were, “opposed to my body language.”

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It would be very unfortunate if Johnny Depp dropped out, because it just wouldn’t be Pirates of the Caribbean without him. But if he drops out because the script isn’t good, that would be something else, and hopefully that would tell Disney to either fix it or not do it. A fourth movie is incredibly hard to do well, so here’s hoping they do it right.

What is your favorite part of the Pirates series?