Dirty Laundry

Get Dirty, Book #2

By Lauren Landish

Author’s Website:  http://www.laurenlandish.com/

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Tabloid reporter, Elise, has been following country star, Keith Perkins, trying to find out any big dark secrets he may have so she can expose them!  She’s starting to think there is nothing to tell when she finds him buying feminine hygiene products!  She writes an article, complete with pictures, speculating that he must have a secret girlfriend!  Once the piece is published his lawyers contact the paper wanting a retraction.  Her boss ends up talking them into having Keith do a set of all-access interviews for a set of articles instead. Donnie wants to give the assignment to someone else, but Elise talks him into letting her do it.

Keith isn’t happy about doing the interviews, especially when the reporter that started this whole mess shows up at his door.  However, he has to go along with the plan, it’s the only way to steer the nosey reporter away from his real secret, his twelve year old daughter, Carsen!  Keith has done his best to give his daughter a normal childhood and he knows it will all come crashing down if the world finds out about her.

Keith and Elise are forced to spend time together for the interviews, and there is a heat between the two of them that they can’t ignore!  But what will happen when Elise discovers the one thing he’s tried so hard to keep from her and the rest of the world?

I loved the first book of this series, Dirty Talk, so I had to get my hands on this one as well.  Unfortunately, I just didn’t like this one as much.  I found that it was too predictable.  Once Elise decided to keep Keith’s secret, I knew that the truth was going to come out, and I had a good idea, who would be behind it all.  And, when it did come out both Keith and Elise tossed and turned trying to figure out what to do, when I came up with the same solution Maggie did in a matter of minutes.  I’m thinking these two just aren’t that swift.  It really was the only choice they really had.

I was really surprised by Keith.  I just didn’t expect the good ol’ country boy to be such a dom!  Good thing for Elise that he was more into pleasure than anything else!  Although I find it hard to believe that he can be so good at it considering he hasn’t had a relationship of any kind in several years!  I would think he’d be a little out of practice.  He’s a little too bossy for my tastes though and really unrealistic with his expectations of keeping his daughter a secret.

The ending was pretty swoon-worthy, although I expected what he was going to do there as well!

This was an okay read, but expect the expected!  What you think is going to happen, probably will.

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