Warner Bros. and filmmaker Bryan Singer are unsheathing “Excalibur,” aiming to remake the 1981 John Boorman movie about King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable.

The project is still in the early stages, with Warners tying up the remake rights, which it shares with Boorman. The matter of Singer’s involvement is still in talks. Legendary Pictures may come aboard the project.

Singer’s “Excalibur” will be a more epic fantasy version compared with the earthy Clive Owen-starring “King Arthur” released by Disney/Touchstone in 2004.

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Bryan Singer is a great director. He will do this project justice. I have always been fascinated with King Arthur and The Knights of the Roundtable.

What do you think of this project? Is Bryan Singer (X-Men, Valkyrie) is the right director for the project? Why or why not?

Do you think you will see the movie based on how Singer says he would change it up?