Devoted to Him

By Sofia Tate

ISBN# 9781455557370

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For fans of Samantha Young, Sylvia Day, and E. L. James comes the sinfully sexy sequel to Breathless for Him. This emotional, erotic romance continues the story of Davison, a tempting billionaire who’d do anything to protect the woman he’s devoted to, Allegra, even if it means losing her . . .

Two months ago, Allegra Orsini nearly lost the man of her dreams. Thankfully Davison Cabot Berkeley, a powerful billionaire who always gets what he wants, had refused to allow anything-or anyone-to come between them. Now back in the arms of the man she loves, Allegra receives an incredible proposal.

Allegra is invited to study under the opera world’s most legendary diva. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity . . . but it means moving to Italy for a month. Thirty days without Davison’s touch. Allegra isn’t sure she can survive it-especially when Davison begins pulling away for reasons she can’t figure out. Is the man who has given her more passion and pleasure than she has ever known about to break her heart? Soon Allegra starts to realize that Davison could be guarding a secret even more devastating . . .


This book is definitely erotic fiction. The language was as explicit as the sex scenes, which I felt, overwhelmed most chapters and, almost dwarfed the story at times. Perhaps, the story needed a younger reader, because I found the sex and language at times offensive and irritating, a shame because the underlying story itself is good.

Allegra Orsini is a character who has been through a traumatic event and is using sex I feel as a coping device. She is an Opera singer who has been given a chance to be trained in Italy. The only problem is that she must be away from Davison for 30 days- An eternity to her. Both Allegra and Davison have past lovers who are a part of Davison’s father’s secret. Davison does not want to worry Allegra so does not tell her what his father’s problem is. When she finds out on her own, she realizes what she will do to keep the love she has for Davison intact. She also realizes that she is stronger than she felt she was capable of.

Davison is almost obsessive compulsive and controlling in his need for Allegra. When he finds out about a secret scheme that his father gets into with a friend, he soon realizes that it threatens the financial security of all family members of both families’. This scheme requires Davison to give an ultimatum to his father, as he will not put Allegra at risk. The decision also requires him to make a business decision that will affect his and Allegra’s future. He finds out in the end that he has more knowledge of business than he thought he had.

The sex scenes between Davison and Allegra are hot and steamy and go on and on in different settings. It seems whenever they are together sex is the ultimate result.

I think I would have enjoyed the book better if the sex and language had been toned down.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*