Devil May Cry

Dark-Hunter, Book #11

Dark-Hunterverse, Book #12

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

ISBN# 9780312369507

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Sin was one of the most powerful gods in the Sumerian pantheon, until the night Artemis tricked him and stole all his power.  He’s spent his life being hated by his family, shamed by his wife’s constant affairs (a tough pill to swallow for a fertility god not being able to keep his own wife in his bed), and then being tricked out of his godhood to boot.

After thousands of years Sin can’t believe his luck in capturing Artemis, her hair is different and she’s insistent that she isn’t Artemis, but he knows the truth.  Well, at least he thought that until Artemis shows up in his room while his captive was still there.  He quickly realizes that if Kat isn’t Artemis that she must be her daughter, something that Artemis has gone to great lengths to hide.

Meanwhile, Sin has been fighting the gallu demons, an especially powerful kind of demon that can turn their victims into one of them with a simple bite.  Kat bargains with Sin for him to teach her how to fight them.

However, an even worse kind of demon is getting ready to escape their prison that the Sumerians have maintained throughout the years.  Their escape could end the world as we know it, but without Sin’s god powers he doesn’t know how he will be able to reinforce the seal that is quickly weakening.  Especially with enemies doing all they can to make sure the Dimme are freed.

This book had a really slow start for me.  The first half, if not more, of the book seemed like a big information dump as we learned about the demons and how Sin’s family have kept them contained throughout time, not to mention how Sin lost his godhood.  During this time, I was too busy trying to digest all the information that I was failing to connect with the characters.  But once I was well versed in all that was going on, I was able to watch the romance between Sin and Kat develop.

We also discovered Artemis’s secret that she has kept from Ash all these years, and it’s a big one!  After she makes a deal with Ash that he can never kill her, she reveals the secret at long last.  And, worse it seems that everyone knew, but him!  It’s a game changer and I liked the side of Ash that it invoked!  However, it’s a perfect example of why he hates Artemis so much.  This book really shows how ugly and selfish the goddess really is.

Betrayal really seemed to be the theme of this book.  We saw how everyone betrayed Sin … his wife, Artemis, and even Kat.  It’s no wonder he has such a problem trusting anyone.  We also got to see how Artemis took the gift of Ash’s love and betrayed him as well.  She could have saved him from so much pain and humiliation, but found her pride more important.  In the end, it destroyed his love for her.

This isn’t my favorite book of the series, but I find that we learn so many things that are going to carry into future books.  This feels like a really important installment of the series and I did really enjoy Sin and Kat as a couple and hope to see more of them in the future.  I loved seeing more of Ash as well.

Speaking of, my most anticipated installment is quickly approaching; Acheron!  I can hardly wait!