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Delirium is one of my all-time favorite books. It’s the story of a girl Lena in a world where love is considered a disease. She considers it to be too, until the day she falls in love. However, this summary is NOTHING compared to the quality of the book! (So read Delirium if you haven’t read it yet!)


United States

I read the hardcover with the cover on the left, but I like the cover on the right so much more! Lena is so pretty in that one, and I love the coloring of it. It’s so open and spacious that it doesn’t really seem like a book cover. The one on the left doesn’t have enough of Lena for my taste. Gorgeous, yes, but it’s just not me.


I love the font for delirium. It’s such an elegant type! (Get it?)  The dark pink color reminds me of wine, which probably is a good thing. No kidding, I’m drunk in love with this cover.


I don’t think gray is a good color for this book. Delirium is such an exhilarating book to read; the gray doesn’t portray the journey at all.


I think the background is extremely distracting and that this cover doesn’t fit what Delirium is about. It reminds me of an action movie for some reason. However, I have to say it is an excellent attempt to please me!


I love the symbolism in this cover; Lena jumping and taking a huge risk. She’s one of those unknown people to spark a change. I like how empty the background is, which makes Lena the focus. The purple is a little too dark and bland for my taste though.