5 star rating
Big Sky Pie Series #4
By Adrianne Lee
ISBN# 9781455574391
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decadent-adrianne-leeWhat a wonderful book this was. I absolutely loved this book and am looking forward to reading the others in the Big Sky Pie series.  I loved the characters and the story line and although this is number four in the series, it can be a stand alone. Once you read it though you will want to read the others. I laughed and I cried. I hurt for both of the main characters.

With a broken heart Roxanne Nash is returning home to Kalispell, Montana because of her failed marriage and losing her bistro in the divorce agreement. On her way home a big snow is coming down and she comes vehicle to vehicle with Wade Reynolds.

Contractor Wade Reynolds is a single parent whose wife died 5 years ago and can’t bring himself to become emotionally involved with anyone he dates. One night while out, he runs into a redhead that evokes feelings in him he never knew he could feel.

Roxy lost more than a marriage and a bistro, she lost confidence in herself and her ability to make decisions. Shortly after her arrival an opening came up at the “Big Sky Pie”, it was Roxy who stepped in to feel the position. Once she’s back in the kitchen she feels more confident, more alive then she has felt for a long time.

There is chemistry between Roxy and Wade that neither one of them can ignore because the spark seems to ignite the flame anytime they are together. Finally they decide to let the relationship get physical and keep their hearts out of it but the time has come for decisions to be made.

Roxy gets a once in a life time chance by heading a restaurant but it involves her moving to Las Vegas.  Will she move or will she leave her heart behind in Montana?

Now that Wade is past the guilt and has opened his heart to Roxy is he going to close it back up when she leaves?

I believe this is an awesome series and included is a recipe for Decadent Chocolate Meringue Pie. I think I am going to be baking tonight. Yum!

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*