Deborah Ann Woll isn’t a baby vamp anymore!

Eternally 17-year-old vampire Jessica Hamby has had quite the wild ride in this season of True Blood…

We checked in with Jessica herself, Deborah Ann Woll, to get her take on her character’s growing pains

You caused a quite a stir a couple of Sundays ago when you tweeted that someone might die in that night’s episode [Christopher Meloni’s character, the vampire Guardian Roman Zimojic, wound up being killed. The tweet has since been deleted].
Oh, gosh, I felt so bad about it afterwards because I had completely forgotten Roman was going to die that night [laughs]! Because I had that big immortality speech [in Episode Five], I had been getting a lot of tweets from people afraid that Jessica was going to die. So I was like, “Well, why don’t we just stir them up a little bit? And hint at someone just as, like, a lie. And then when I watched the episode that night and Roman died, I was like, “Hah! That’s funny! Someone did die!” And then I got a call from HBO, and they were like, “You blew it!” And I was like, “Oh, my God, I’m so sorry!”

Jessica’s evolution has been so much fun to watch, especially this season. As she said on her blog, Babyvamp Jessica, she doesn’t feel like a baby vamp anymore, but a teenager. Is that how you see her now? Or do you think she’s matured even farther along than a teenager?
I think teenager is a pretty good representation. As a baby, I think part of it was there was no impulse control – she was still learning things and figuring out how to deal with her vampire side. But by the time you get to be a teenager, you’re developed. The question is how are you going to use that? And, to me, it’s more like, she’s still gonna make a lot of mistakes, she’s still very innocent in many ways. But, she’s also very wise about other things.

In real life, you’re about 10 years older than Jessica – she may look 17 forever, but she’s still only about 18, 19 years old, given the passage of time in True Blood. So what do you do to channel your inner teenager for the role?
I think part of it is actually just about allowing yourself. Once you become a grown-up, it’s a lot of impulse control. You say, “All right, I feel like lashing out and screaming at the top of my lungs, but I’m not gonna do that.” What’s really fun about playing Jessica is that if I get that impulse, it’s just like, get out of your own way, let yourself scream and shout about it, because that’s what a 17-, 18-, 19-year-old might do. (

Jessica has definitely come a long way since she was created by Bill as a punishment for staking another vampire back in Season 2 of True Blood.  She has definitely made some changes over the season, but I really don’t like the vampire she’s become…leading Hoyt and Jason both on breaking their hearts and now whoring around and partying all she wants.  And, let’s face it,  I miss her ogling long-haired Eric!!

~Commentary by OBS reviewer Heidi