4 star rating
Death of a Dog Whisperer
Melanie Travis, Book #17
By Laurien Berenson
ISBN#: 9780758284556
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Its summer in Connecticut and Melanie’s life has become an endless string of dog shows, soccer camp and the antics of her energetic toddler. She hardly has time to pay much attention to her Aunt Peg’s new protégé, Nick Walden, a self-proclaimed ‘dog whisperer’ with an uncanny gift for decoding dog-speak. The well-heeled dog owners of Fairfield County are lapping up his alleged talents, anxious to discover exactly what their pampered pets are thinking – that is until the pooches start spilling their secrets. When Nick is discovered dead in his home, his sister Claire enlists Melanie to help track down the killer.


For those of us that love the Melanie Travis MysteriesDeath of a Dog Whisperer, is a welcome sight. Laurien Berenson again has written an excellent mystery with the characters we all have missed. Melanie, Aunt Peg, Kevin, Davey, Sam and the gang are all in this enjoyable cozy. Melanie’s ex-husband wants her to get his new friend Nick an introduction to her prickly Aunt Peg. Nick’s clients all swear he is a “Dog Whisperer”, that he knows what their dogs are thinking and saying. Even as Melanie dreads meeting this friend, she is shocked to find he is talented and in tune with the canines he meets.

When Nick winds up dead, no one knows who could have murdered him. Was it a disgruntled client, one of his girlfriends or maybe one of the dogs told him too much. Melanie of course is brought in to help find the answers. In Ms Berenson’s fun and fast-paced writing style, we are once again drawn into the life of Melanie as she tries to get to the bottom of things. As always the dogs play a big part in these mysteries. Will Melanie find the answers before the killer finds her? That is part of the fun.

I would recommend Death of a Dog Whisperer to anyone that loves cozy mysteries. And especially those that love having dogs in the story too. Ms Berenson does not disappoint in this latest installment of the Melanie Travis books. I am so glad she is back to writing them. This is a fun and easy read that keeps the reader guessing as it draws them deeper and deeper into the story. Well-developed characters and a fun storyline make this an excellent book.