Deadly Secret

Sons of Broad, Book #2

By Tara Thomas

ISBN# 9781250137968

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Knox Benedict has been on edge ever since Bea was attacked and her broken body dumped on their doorstep.  Ever since, Bea has been pushing him away and he has no idea why.  His brothers are starting to see just how much Bea means to him, but they don’t know that Bea and he got married in secret four months ago!  Bea didn’t want her father to know and ruin her chance at a seat on congress when she runs next year, so Knox agreed to keep that knowledge hidden.

“Lena walked into the dining room with a plate of pancakes for both Knox and Bea. “Work for this family for fifty years, you’d think they’d have the decency to tell me when they got married. I’m only giving you breakfast so I can make sure you have enough strength to make babies.”

“Good morning, Lena. Thank you for breakfast,” he said, knowing she was only half kidding.

“Lots of babies,” Lena repeated. “And soon.”

During Bea’s attack she was told to stay away from Knox.  She’s afraid of him being harmed so she’s been pushing him away, but the threats keep coming.  Knox refuses to sit on the sidelines any longer while someone tries to hurt his wife.  He’s vowed to protect her, whether she wants him to or not!

This was an okay read, but the version I read needs a major editing session!  There were missing words and wrong words that didn’t make sense in the sentence throughout this book.  I felt I was constantly guessing which words were supposed to be there and it got rather obnoxious.  Also, like the previous book, this story still changes scenes without any indication or page break.  I did read an uncorrected proof of this book for this review so these things may be fixed before the final book is released.  I hope so anyway!

There wasn’t as much steamy sex in this book as there was in Darkest Night, but there are a couple of intimate scenes.  This book focused more on the threat to Bea then the sex or romance though.

We get to see more of Jade in this one as she is trying to stay ahead of the gentleman’s goons, but she’s not doing a very good job of it though!  The Benedicts don’t seem to trust Jade, but Bea believes in her and wants to help her any way she can.

The big secret is revealed at the end of this book, although I saw it coming a mile away so it wasn’t so much of a shocker to me, but more of an ‘I knew it!’.

All-in-all this book was okay, but nothing earth-shattering.

I can only assume Kip and Alyssa will be the focus of the next book, and considering how Kip flirts with her it should be a fun ride.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*