This week for our Comic Book/Graphic Novel Highlight we bring you the long awaited follow-up to the first graphic in this series, Arcana Comics “Dead Men Tell No Tales Vol. 2 Decimation”!

Last May (2010) we had the pleasure of review the first in this series of graphic novels titled Dead Men Tale No Tales from Arcana Comics. It is a fun and well illustrated novel which we are excited to continue reading; once we get our hands on a copy!   A psychological thriller, of greed and betrayal filled with zombie pirate mayhem and  the journey the men go through to obtain the treasure of The Holy Grail, this story by Dwight L. MacPherson will surely entertain.

Synopsis: In the golden age of piracy, Captain Kidd, Blackbeard, and Black Bart Roberts, the three most reviled pirates in history, contended for the most sacred prize the world has ever known – the lost Relics of Christ!

300 years later…

Present day: Archaeologist Samuel Cahn receives a mysterious package that turns his world upside-down! Pursued by unknown assassins and the undead pirate Blackbeard and his zombie crew, Cahn flees to the Middle East with his fiancée and bodyguard Winston. There, Cahn learns that he was chosen to end the curse of the Holy Relics once and for all. But nothing is at it appears, and Blackbeard isn’t the only one who would move Heaven and Earth to possess the Treasures of Christ.

Have you read the first in this series? Are you a fan of Arcana Comics?