4 star rating
Dead Between the Lines
Devereaux’s Dime Store Mystery, Book #3
By Denise Swanson
ISBN # 9780451418883
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dead-between-the-lines-devereauxs-dime-store-mystery-denise-swansonDev Sinclair has opened her shop to local clubs in the past, but the first meeting of the Stepping Out Book Club ends with the guest speaker storming out in anger, and with murder.  With her shop involved, Dev is already drawn into the investigation. Her assistant Xylia is a member of the book club, and involved as well. Dev has to balance business, investigation, and two hopeful suitors, along with the care of her grandmother, and cat sitting duties. Will her grandmother’s cat Banshee have Tsar for a snack if she brings him home? The solution is to keep Tsar at the store, but murder intervenes. Tsar can’t stay at the store while the CSI is there.

With fun and fascinating characters the author gives us a lively mystery with many twists and turns. Just as lively is Dev’s love life with two men competing for her attention, and not liking each other at all. Fun witty dialogue and a fast moving plot keep the reader engaged, and enjoying the ride. Most of the story is told from Devereaux’s viewpoint, but we do get to see things through the eyes of Noah, and Jake, finding out just how much they care about Dev.  Friendship, attraction, and family complications all add to the mélange that make up this mystery. Mystery lovers, cat lovers, and those who like some humor and romance mixed in with their mystery will enjoy both this book and the series. I know I am hooked.